Gas-TSO’s services

Gas-TSO's Services

Gas transmission system operator, Gas-TSO, will be responsible for operating and maintaining the gas transmission network. To the extent allowed by existing Finnish and EU regulation, Gas-TSO may also offer other services based on the utilization of the Finnish gas transmission network.

The core services of Gas-TSO are the gas transmission services and transmission network connection service

Services also include the provision of balancing services, setting up a virtual trading point, secondary market service for capacity via a portal and organizing the centralised data exchange platform (datahub) for the retail market.

 Gas-TSO also provides a biogas certificate service which allows each market participant to purchase biogas regardless of its physical location. Gas-TSO also offers reporting services and maintains a database which market participants can use to retrieve data that is essential for them.


Transmission and MAM Services

  • Gas Transmission Service
  • Balance Settlement Service
  • Virtual Trading Point
  • Notice Board for Capacity Rights
  • Centralized Data Exchange Services for Retail market

Connection Services

  • Gas Network Connection Service

Other Services

  • Biogas Certificate System Service
  • 24 h/d Customer Service
  • Reporting Services and Data Bank