Gas-TSO’s responsibilities

Gas-TSO's responsibilities

From the beginning of 2020, the new Finnish Gas-TSO will be responsible for operating and maintaining the gas transmission network. This company will have system responsibility for the entire gas transmission network in Finland. To the extent allowed by existing Finnish and EU regulation, Gas-TSO may also offer other services based on the utilization of the gas transmission network.

System Responsibility of the Transmission Network Operator

Section 29 of the Finnish Natural Gas Market Act defines system responsibility as follows:

“The transmission network operator with system responsibility is responsible for the technical functionality and operational reliability of the natural gas system, and it shall take care of balancing responsibilities for the natural gas system, balancing reports for the natural gas system, and tasks related to maintaining a marketplace for natural gas trading and centralised data exchange (system responsibility), and it shall be obliged to take care of these duties in an appropriate manner that is fair and non-discriminatory towards the natural gas market participants operating within the natural gas system. The transmission network operator with system responsibility must maintain and develop the functions and services within the scope of its system responsibility, and it must also maintain, operate and develop its natural gas network and other equipment necessary to discharge its system responsibility, as well as connections to other networks in such a way that they function efficiently and that the prerequisites for efficient national and regional natural gas markets and the European Union’s internal market or natural gas can be ensured.”