Gas networks as part of the just transition Green Deal

On 11 December 2019, Ursula von der Leyen’s new Commission announced a new ambitious green growth strategy, the Green Deal.

The vast strategy contains the EU’s objective of becoming climate neutral by 2050. The Commission’s strategy includes many concrete actions that have been called for to manage climate change.

The Green Deal emphasises the financial aspects of the transition to climate neutrality, revising relevant legislations, and making the transition as just and achievable as possible.

Fighting and mitigating climate change requires major investments in innovations and new forms of energy.

Gases have the opportunity to be a central part of the transition towards a carbon neutral future.

The Green Deal and investments in innovations are best utilised if we can make use of the existing major infrastructures and update society to rise to the challenge of fighting climate change.

Efficient utilisation of the gas transfer network will play a central role in the following decades. The transfer network can use natural gas and LNG as a transition fuel. As biogas production grows, the transfer network will still have a central role.

Future solutions of synthetic gases and hydrogen can be utilised in full by exploiting the transfer network infrastructure.


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