Finnish Gas Transmission Services

Towards an open
gas market

Finnish Gas Transmission Services

Our task is to support Finland’s transition to an open gas market and to ensure that gas market participants get the information and support they need during the transition period. Our operations focus on the period beginning in 2020.

In co-operation with Gasum, we are setting up business operations for an independent gas transmission system operator, Gasgrid Finland, which will be launched on 1 January 2020. From the beginning of 2020, we will become part of the new transmission system operator.

Our operations are based on our core values, which are independence, openness and trustworthiness.

Please contact us on any issues related to the opening of the gas markets in Finland.

You will find market rule documents, tariffs and other information relating to the opening of the market easily and concisely on the website that is under the responsibility of the transmission system operator. At the latest, at the beginning of 2020 all information concerning the open market will be accessible from one single same page.


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